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  Desert C.A.M. Studios "Think Tank" and development arm is where the company nurses and develops new content and concepts for future film, television, and streaming content projects,                                     working with both in-house writers and new writers. 

The World Has Changed!

The Way We View Entertainment Has Changed.

             And It Will Change Again Tomorrow.

In the new world of streaming media, television, and feature films, content is king.  And the basic truth about content is that every viewer, whether on a mobile device or sitting in front of their 64” televisions, wants good stories, told well, with great production values.  Because streamers and networks have more choices available than ever before, producers and writers are being asked to create new and original content at a rate never before seen – all without sacrificing quality and high standards. As always, good programming depends upon the people who create it.  It is about producers and showrunners maintaining exceptional quality, while assuring on-time delivery.  And it’s making sure that these creations are exciting, unique, and compelling. 


This is what Desert C.A.M. Studios and Desert Star Film & TV are about – great savvy story-telling, top notch productions, solid production values, and excellent professional services aimed at both the streaming market and the ever-evolving theatrical world.  Here is a preview of the 2024-2025 at Desert Star Film & TV:

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“Scotch and Soda: The Kingston Trio Story”

 A rock and roll story before rock and roll.  There was much more to The Kingston Trio, than just being folk music legends.  Their story is full of surprises and unexpected turns on the way to their ten years at the top of the music industry, becoming the 2nd best-selling artist in Capitol Record’s history, over The Beach Boys, and Frank Sinatra and only behind The Beatles.  Their story is additionally informed by seven years of conversations with Bob Shane, founder of the original Trio, with filmmaker Chip Miller, who directed three Kingston Trio TV PBS TV live concert specials from 2015 to 2019, and befriended Shane until his 2020 death, on the same sad day Kobe Bryant was killed.  Miller is developing a biopic story and screenplay with Mike Marvin and Allen Plone.  Marvin is actually in the current line-up of The Kingston Trio.  In 2018, Miller helmed a mini-documentary prototype, and captured Shane’s final historic live performance and interview.  In Development.

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 "A Deadly Misunderstanding (The Mark Siljander Story)"


A biopic about principle and courage. Mark Siljander's

story is a journey from politics, Mark was a United States Representative for 3 terms, to a fighter for justice and

cooperation between the Muslim world and the United

States and to... convicted felon. How he was unfairly

convicted and how he has become an important

ambassador for peace and understanding. The script was

inspired by the best-selling book, A Deadly Misunderstanding

Script is in development for 2025.



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A new film noir reboot of the Humphrey Bogart classic, "High Sierra," and later remake, "I Died a Thousand Times," with Jack Palance. Script is being written by Chip Miller, Allen Plone and Native American writer, Jana Mashonee. The story is driven by two Native American characters and will be shot entirely on Coachella Valley reservations, Death Valley, the Mojave Desert, and in Joshua Tree. Script is in active development.

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 "The Great Silence of Harry Gleeson"
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                               A theatrical or content feature based on the true story of Ireland's first                                                         posthumous pardon, Harry Gleason, 83 years after his death by hanging. A                                              powerful tale with a twist ending. On November 21, 1940, the body of Moll                                                  McCarthy was found in a field in Tipperary by local farmer, Gleeson. She had                                                been shot twice. Despite having an alibi, Gleeson was charged and convicted of                                            the mother-of-seven's death and was hanged five months later. During the trial,                                            Harry never once spoke a word or pleaded innocence. Irish legend call it “An

                              Ciúnas Mór” which translates as "The Great Silence." A decades-long campaign by Innocence Project Ireland finally proved his innocence, resulting in the Irish State's first ever posthumous pardon in 2015. Chip Miller tells Harry's story, with the participation of the Irish Film Board 

and Tourism Ireland, through extensive conversations he had with the accused

murderer’s sister, Mary, who lived to a 107.  She is also Miller’s Irish

Grandmother. Inspired by the first of several books on the subject, 

Marcus O'Rourke’s, "Murder at Marhill,” this film will delve far deeper and

reveal the true story behind one of the most important and controversial murder

cases in Irish history.  It will also reveal the shocking reason why Harry Gleeson

remained silent. In Development.

HarryGleeson photo.jpg
“And The Sky is Gray: A Mamas and Papas Story”
chip and michelle phillips.jpg

A riveting biopic about 60’s rock legends, The Mamas and The Papas, was first set up as a mini-series at Spring Creek Television and ABC TV.  Chip Miller worked closely with actress/singer, Mama Michelle Phillips, and wrote an original screenplay.  Then Papa John Phillips died unexpectedly shortly afterwards.  Following the untimely death of Papa Denny Dougherty, leaving Michelle as the lone survivor, the project was put on hold.  Years of legal wrangling ensued, involving John Phillips, who was sued by ABC TV and Spring Creek for defaulting, eventually winning their case against him. Two decades later, Miller is rewriting the original biopic structure, but from a fresh, objective perspective – one seen and experienced through his own intense 8-year relationship with Michelle Phillips, and 3-years of interviewing John Phillips.  The project remains a faithful biopic, but will be retold from a unique point of view. Script is in rewrite.

"Loudmouth: The Odyssey of Morton Downey, Jr."

morton downey.jpg

A 2-part TV or content biopic revealing the paradoxical, unusual life of Morton Downey, Jr.,  originally developed at Fox TV and F/X Channel. Chip Miller wrote the original story and screenplay, and is currently doing a rewrite of the script from his own experience and perspective, when he interviewed and became close friends with the pioneer talk show legend for the last six years of his life. Miller, directing a movie in Hawaii at the time, was one of the first people Downey's widow notified when he passed away. Miller, who appears in the recent feature documentary, Evocateur, about Downey, also gave a touching Eulogy at his funeral.

"The Trial of Edgar Cayce" 

A powerful and riveting true story about legendary psychic and father of holistic healing, Edgar Cayce. The story is revealed to Chip Miller in a series of videotaped interviews with Cayce’s late son, Hugh Lynn Cayce, his late grandson, Charles Thomas Cayce, and Edgar’s longtime late secretary, Gladys.  A difficult tale told from a fresh point of view.  Chip Miller and Allen Plone will write the screenplay, adapted from the stage play, “The Freak” by Granville Burgess, which Miller produced live in LA and NYC.  The project is in cooperation with the A.R.E. (Association of Research & Enlightenment foundation formed in Cayce's honor).

Script is in active development

edgar cayce poster.jpeg
"Downfall: A Hollywood Story"

                            A biopic about Len Riley, who went from the top Black Hollywood Television writer,                                    with many credits to living on the streets before he wrote the New York Times best-                                    selling novel, "Harlem." The riches-to-rags downfall started when several of Len's series                              didn’t get renewed, and his wife left him, taking most of his money. Soon after, he                                      experienced Hollywood ageism and work dried up.  Bad times struck him hard, and in                                 a  series of unfortunate circumstances, he found himself homeless for eight long years, living inside a refrigerator box in downtown Los Angeles. Life began to turn around after years of homelessness, when Writer/Director Chip Miller first met on Len on the streets. For a year, Chip worked with Len to pull himself together, even collaborating with him on two original screenplays.  But Len was passionate to write his book about “Harlem.” After two years of consulting and editing the manuscript with him, Chip was able to secure a major publishing deal with Double Day Publishers. A year later, the novel hit the New York Times and Los Angeles Times Top Ten Best-Seller Lists and the publishers launched Len into a national book tour.  After Len appeared at a major book store in Harlem with his dad as his special guest along with friends and family from his former hood, he sadly became very ill during the rest of the tour and passed away at 63.  Riley’s life makes compelling content for a feature or cable documentary on this historical Black writer. Chip Miller and Allen Plone writing the documentary treatment. In Development .


"Nobody Wrote It Down"

nobody topsheet2021.jpg

                                   Three years in development, completed in 2018, a 12-part historical documentary                                     drama series created by Chip Miller and Allen Plone, emphasizing factual stories                                     of Black and Latino men who settled the west, but were forgotten in our history                                         books. The writers were struck by the fact that at least 25% of the cowboys were                                     Black, many of whom came to the West after the Civil War, seeking good                                                   employment in a growing area.Multiple GRAMMY winner, singer and songwriter                                         Dom Flemons, an historian of black history, is the On-Screen Host of the show,                                       and performs original episode-related songs from his 2019 GRAMMY nominated                                         album, “Black Cowboys,” which inspired the series. Shari Belafonte produces                                           along with Plone and Miller.  

Listen to Dom Flemons sing the series title song, "Nobody Wrote It Down" featured on his latest album for Smithsonian Folkways Recordings. 

Nobody Wrote It Down Dom Flemons
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Past Content, Film, TV & Video Productions

"Lots & Lots of Animal Stories for Kids," a six-part animated/live action series about our animal friends and

the environment. Stories are told in song and relatable facts. Allen Plone scripted, wrote the lyrics to 30 of the

songs and directed the complete series, which is current distribution as a streaming series on Amazon Prime. 


“Cry Murder,” indie theatrical feature film shot entirely in the city of La Quinta and premiered at the Palm Springs Film Festival.  Chip Miller was Executive Producer and oversaw post-production for Desert C.A.M. Studios.

"Night Screams," indie theatrical feature shot in Kansas. Allen Plone directed and supervised the editing.

"Earth, Wind & Fire" Live in Japan," The most successful concert television special and DVD, selling over 125,000 copies. Directed and edited by Allen Plone for BET and NHK Japan. 


“The Moxxor Story,” an extensive corporate profile and documentary on New Zealand company, Moxxor, a pioneer in Omega-3 development.  Shot on location in New Zealand and in LA.  Written and directed by Chip Miller who edited with Travis Miller.

"Phantom of the Ritz," a comic/horror classic shot in Tampa, Florida. Written and Directed by Allen Plone.


“Organex Global of China,” an ambitious big budget and promotional profile and documentary on the Chinese corporation’s new product line introduction to America.  Shot partially on location in China.  Written and directed by Chip Miller, who edited with Travis Miller.  

“Smile By Design,” a series of 30-minute weekly medical talk shows with Dr. Anne Nicholas, still airing on Spectrum Television.  Written, directed, and edited by Chip Miller.


“The Patti Gribow Show,” fourteen 30-minute business interview shows for Time-Warner Television with host, Patti Gribow.  Live switch directed and edited by Chip Miller.


“Talk of the Desert,” Four episodes of a weekly talk show with celebrity guests and host, Melinda Read, for Time-Warner Television.  Directed by Chip Miller who also designed the show’s set.  

Enjoy These Samples Of Our Work


The Core Team

Chip Miller


Chip Miller

                  is an award-winning director, producer, editor, WGA screenwriter, music producer, professional illustrator, graphic designer, published author, and a recording artist with popular alternative rock band, Old Sand Mill.  Chip brings all his skills and talents to Desert C.A.M. Studios, heading up a savvy professional team and contributing his impressive slate of unique, high profile, original stories, screenplays, and source material - all developed as projects for Theatrical, Content, Cable and Network TV, and the worldwide digital marketplace. 

He's directed, produced, and edited fifty-plus live concert television specials for major artists on HBO, Showtime, PBS, BET, MTV, CMT, FNX Channel, BBC, and MTV Europe, like: “Diahann Carroll: Live from Palm Springs” with The Pat Rizzo Orchestra ~ “Brian Wilson’s Live Pet Sounds” live tour launch with Al Jardine at UCLA’s Royce Hall ~ All-star international concert, “Encanto De Caribe” on location in Puerto Rico, starring international superstar Marc Anthony, ex-Yankee slugger turned Grammy winning guitarist Bernie Williams, pianist Arthur Hanlon, worldwide singing diva and Oscar winner Laura Pausini, pop singer Ana Isabelle (seen in Spielberg’s “Westside Story”), jazz singer Natalia Jimenez, and the legendary Cheo Feliciano ~ “Rhythm of the Dance” featuring The National Dance Company of Ireland and The Young Irish Tenors on location in Ireland ~ “The Kingston Trio Celebration,” all-star concert starring The Kingston Trio, Bob Shane (his historic last appearance), Timothy B. Schmit (The Eagles), Barry McGuire (New Christy Minstrels), Henry Diltz (Modern Folk Quartet), Shari Belafonte, The Limeliters, Trini Lopez, Al Jardine (The Beach Boys), and Sana Christian ~ “Donovan & Friends: Live At The Kodak Theater in Hollywood” featuring actress Laura Dern, filmmaker David Lynch, Irish pop star Astrella Celeste, and Mike Love (The Beach Boys) ~ “Trini Lopez: Unplugged At Cal State” – his final taped concert ~ “Songcatchers: The Gathering” an indigenous all-star concert starring Grammy winning artists Mary Youngblood, Thirza Defoe, and Jana Mashonee, shot in Santa Fe, NM ~ “The Commodores: Live in Atlantic City” featuring Natalie Cole ~ “The World Classic Rockers” featuring Denny Laine (The Moody Blues, Paul McCartney’s Wings), Randy Meisner (The Eagles), Spencer Davis (Spencer Davis Group), Bruce Gary (The Knack), and Michael Monarch (Big Brother & Holding Company, Steppenwolf), shot at the Ventura Theater ~ “Earl Scruggs: The Farewell Concert” at the legend’s induction to the Bluegrass Hall of Fame in Nashville, starring Vince Gill, Randy Scruggs, Jerry Douglas, Billy Bob Thornton, and Marty Stewart ~ “Paul Simon’s Graceland Concert” shot in Africa ~ “The Rolling Stones: The Steel Wheels Tour,” in Madison Square Garden ~ “Rhythm of the Dance: St. Patrick’s Day Concert” starring The National Dance Company of Ireland and The Young Irish Tenors shot in Folsom, CA ~ “The Kingston Trio: Holiday Cheers,” shot on in Tulsa, Oklahoma ~ the 15-part “Pyoor Native,” docu-content series for Italian Television, with European rock star, Umberto Marzotto.  


Chip’s 150-plus music videos rotated on MTV, MTV2, VH-1, BET, CMT, and MTV Europe.  He produced many classic clips, his first being MTV’s longest running hit, “Nightshift” by The Commodores.  Other artists he shot music videos with include: Linkin Park, The Cars, LL Cool J, The Rolling Stones, The Pointer Sisters, Eddie Murphy, Beastie Boys, Lizzy Borden, Squeeze, Jeffrey Osborne, The Black Crowes, Danzig, Peter Murphy, Paul Simon, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Dom Flemons, MC Lyte, The Flirts, OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark), Night Ranger, Lords of the New Church, Jerry Douglas, Sir Jinx, Gerald Levert, Brian Wilson (The Beach Boys), Holly Robinson, Faith Evans, Youth Edition, Shaquille O’Neal, Charlie Wilson, Little River Band, Tonya, David Josias, Jonny Z, The Gap Band, Sircle of Silence, Tyrone Wells, Jana Mashonee, Mary Youngblood, Mitsou, Lizzy Borden, and more. 


Chip directed “Karma Kula: Path of the Tiger,” a theatrical feature with Liu Yun Fat for Sunset Studios/Windward Films, shot in Oahu, Hawaii.  He wrote the original screenplay - a prequel to “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.”   Film was released in China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and in the Pacific Islands.  Indie theatrical films Miller directed and/or edited are: “Four Day Shoot,” for Generic Films; “Swerve,” a Gramercy Pictures’ movie directed by Sebastian Gutiérrez - Chip edited and music supervised; “The Importance of Being Earnest,” a pioneer all-Black cast in a theatrical feature from Atlantic Releasing Corp with Brock Peters, CCH Pounder, and Chris Calloway; and “Mortuary Academy,” a theatrical release from Sony Entertainment/Landmark Films with Paul Bartel, Mary Woronov, Christopher Atkins, Perry Lang, Cesar Romero, Wolfman Jack, Tracy Walters, and Stoney Jackson.  Chip developed and produced the film, directed 2nd unit, supervised post-production, music supervision, and composed and recorded the opening title song.  Premiering at the 1988 Cannes Film Festival, the movie is presently a cult film in the UK and throughout Europe.  Miller collaborated with Liam Neeson on an original western story and script, “The Californians,” which was optioned by Clint Eastwood’s Malpaso Films as the actor’s potential final western, but he chose instead, “Unforgiven.”  Penny Marshall’s Parkway Films and Sony Pictures picked up the script and it went into development with Liam, Chip, and Parkway’s development exec, writer/TV actor Ted Bessel (“That Girl”).  When Bessel died suddenly, the project was put on hold.  Soon, Parkway left Sony for Universal Pics, where script development was held up, eventually further delayed when Liam left to do “Schindler’s List.”   Following Penny’s untimely death, the script reverted back to Neeson and Miller, where it is now in development at Desert C.A.M. Studios. 


For the Disney Channel, Miller created, directed, edited, scored, and produced, “The Sun Show,” a weekly TV children’s series, composed the show’s theme song, and music supervised the soundtrack.  The series won Accolade Awards and Aegis Awards for Best Educational Video Program, Best Original Writing, Best Directing, and Best Musical Soundtrack.  He went on to create, write, direct, edit, and produce “PNTV (Players Network Television)” in Las Vegas, which included forty gaming segments, a variety show, and a pilot episode, starring Paula Abdul, Will Smith, George Hamilton, Jamie Foxx, Sandra Bullock, Damon Wayans, and Queen Latifah. 


Hailing from New Jersey, with a BA in Fine Art from Manhattan’s School of Visual Arts, Miller moved to the UK and became an assistant artist on the BBC Television series, “Monty Python’s Flying Circus.”  He moved to a big Madison Ave advertising agency in NYC as a creative art director, where he wrote, directed, and produced national and regional television and radio commercials, even becoming a successful jingle writer and singer.  His original illustrations graced the covers of national magazines, best-selling novels, and numerous record album jackets.  In addition, he was one half of a successful folk duo, opening for Paul Simon, Seals & Crofts, and Jackson Browne.  He formed the rock band, Pomeroy, and toured with Lou Reed, King Crimson, and Jefferson Starship.  After selling his first screenplay to director Brian DePalma, Chip moved to Hollywood and worked as an artist and movie poster illustrator, creating art for such films as: “Tron,” “The Horror Star,” “St. Helen’s: Killer Volcano,” “Tess,” “Blow Out,” “Taps,” “Hanky Panky,” and “Ghandi.”  He was hired as a film and TV development director by Noel Marshall, who executive produced “The Exorcist,” for his major West Hollywood film and commercial production company, The Film Consortium, co-owned by actresses Tippi Hedren, and her daughter, Melanie Griffith.  Under their banner, Chip developed several motion picture properties, including, “Fire in the Sky,” a sci-fi drama with James Garner, DB Sweeney, Robert Patrick, Peter Berg, and Henry Thomas; and “Square Dance,” with Jane Alexander, Jason Robards, Rob Lowe, and Wynona Ryder, which airs on TV as, “Home is Where the Heart Is.”


In the early 90’s, Chip formed the indie production company, Winmill Entertainment, and was located on The Culver Studios lot (formerly The Selznick Studios) for six years.  During this time, he bought the film rights to The Mamas and The Papas story cutting deals with both actress/singer Michelle Phillips and her former husband, songwriter and singer John Phillips, by optioning each of their autobiographies.  Miller developed and scripted, “California Dreamin’” then successfully set the project up as a biopic miniseries at Spring Creek Television and ABC TV.  After the deaths of Papa John Phillips and Papa Denny Dougherty, Chip and Michelle continued development until ABC placed the project on hold.  In 2018, the script reverted back to Miller who has it in development as a reboot, at Desert C.A.M. Studios.  In the mid 80’s, Chip developed a pioneer rock biopic at Paramount Pictures, “Be Bop A Lula,” about rockabilly icons, Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps.  Chip’s partner was Nicolas Cage, and together, they secured commitments from Sean Penn as Vincent’s guitarist Johnny Meeks, Tom Cruise as Eddie Cochran, Ray Sharkey as the band’s manager, and to play Little Richard, the still unknown singer, Prince.  “The Seven Fishes,” is a comedy drama that was set to shoot in Philadelphia, October 2001, with James Caan, Fred Ward, Dean Cain, Hillary Swank, Alison Eastwood, and pop singer Gino Vannelli.  Chip was going to direct from an original screenplay he co-wrote with Chip Nuzzo and later with Henry Bloomstein.  On September 11th, everything came to a stop on the East Coast after the World Trade Center tragedy.  All film production was halted for a year.  Investors pulled out and talent moved on to other projects.   Currently, the script is being re-write at Desert C.A.M. Studios. 


Chip’s awards include CMT Music Video Awards, MTV Video Awards, an MTV Australia Video Award, MTV Europe Video Awards, Billboard Music Video Awards, American Music Awards, a Clio Award, a DANAE Literary Award, Jasper Communications Awards, an ENTENTE Award, a Los Angeles Art Director Award, a Golden Pyramid Award, a Smithsonian Institute’s Aerospace Division Art Award, Clover Writer’s Society of America Awards, and the Soho Writer’s Circle Award.  For his critically-hailed 12-part PBS documentary series on the former USSR: “After the Red Star: The Baltics, Western Republics, Caucasus, Russia, and Central Asia,” Chip received a Los Angeles EMMY nomination.  He has also garnered accolades for his graphic designs, paintings, and spoken word.  Chip is a member of the WGAw (Writer’s Guild of America west), ASCAP, BMI Music International, New York Literary Society, American Marketing Association, NY Society of Illustrators, NY Art Directors Guild, PGAw (Producers Guild of America), the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, and is pending DGA (Directors Guild).

Allen Plone

Allen Plone is an award-winning, DGA feature film director, a widely published poet and children’s author, produced screenwriter, and longtime producer, with an extensive history in the film, television, and commercial fields.  Professionally he’s had six original film screenplays produced, has directed a handful of successful indie films, numerous national and regional commercials, television programs, documentaries, music videos, and a best-selling concert DVD now available worldwide on all major streaming platforms.


Plone is a highly educated man who has been both a University professor and an avant-garde, slightly bohemian, successful artist, creating, among other art pieces, "experimental


Travis Miller


Travis Miller has worked in every aspect of the production process, both in film, TV, and video - as a Line Producer, a Production Coordinator, as an award-winning pioneer female Video Editor, Post Production Supervisor, and Music and Sound Editor.  She was also an Art Department Coordinator on a major hit TV series, a Costume Supervisor on a dozen indie feature films, a Script Supervisor, and Head Story Reader at several top independent film production companies in Hollywood and in Burbank.

With a Business degree from SMU, Travis has produced and edited over a hundred music videos for major recording artists and numerous directors, and is considered a pioneer woman editor in the world of MTV.  She has worked with diverse talent in all musical genres, like Linkin Park, Faith Evans, Tupac Shakur, Shaquille O’Neal, Charlie Wilson, The Rolling Stones, Brian Wilson & Al Jardine (The Beach Boys), Crosby, Stills & Nash, Paul Simon, Denny Laine (The Moody Blues & Wings), Randy Meisner (The Eagles), Squeeze, The Commodores, Danzig, Gerald Levert, Diahann Carroll, Jerry Douglas, Tyrone Wells, Holly Robinson, Youth Edition, Percy Bady, Sir Jinx, David Josias, The Gap Band, Sons of Soul, Fancy, Sircle of Silence, Dog Eat Dog, Fluf, The Candy Skins, Jonny Z, The Bodeans, Toni Halliday, Gruntruck, Sylk Smoov, Further, Liquid Jesus, Jeannette Katt, Tattoo Rodeo, Bardeux, Lizzy Borden, Astrella-Celeste, Storm Kaden, Madd KD, Rappin’ Granny, Trini Lopez, Mary Youngblood, Emma O’Sullivan, The Young Irish Tenors, The Folk Legacy, Jana Mashonee, Dom Flemons, and many more.


Travis has produced and edited an impressive slate of live concert television specials since 2011, for PBS, FNX Channel, Showtime, BBC, and MTV Europe.  Her concert specials include: “Brian Wilson’s Live Pet Sounds” concert at UCLA’s Royce Hall; “Rhythm of the Dance” feat. The National Dance Company of Ireland and The Young Irish Tenors;  “The Kingston Trio Celebration” all-star concert with Trio founder Bob Shane, Timothy B. Schmit (The Eagles), Barry McGuire (New Christy Minstrels), Trini Lopez, Shari Belafonte, The Limeliters, Al Jardine (The Beach Boys), and others; “Trini Lopez: Unplugged at Cal State”;  “The World Classic Rockers” feat. Denny Laine (The Moody Blues & Paul McCartney’s Wings), Randy Meisner (The Eagles), Spencer Davis (Spencer Davis Group), Bruce Gary (The Knack), and Michael Monarch (Big Brother & Holding Company, and Steppenwolf); “Rhythm of the Dance: St. Patrick’s Day Concert” feat. The National Dance Company of Ireland and The Young Irish Tenors; “Splash,” the live stage show from Las Vegas; “McDougal Street West: A Peter, Paul & Mary Experience”; “The Folk Legacy: Live from Backstage,” “The Kingston Trio: Holiday Cheers,” a PBS Christmas concert special from Tulsa; “The Tenors of Rock”; “Songcatchers: The Gathering,” indigenous all-star concert with Mary Youngblood, Thirza Defoe, Jana Mashonee, Tony Redhouse & Wes Studi, airing through 2024.


Travis produced and edited the award-winning educational DVD and Disney TV pilot for the children’s series, “The Sun Show.” The series was awarded several prestigious National Aegis and Accolade Awards for Best Educational Video, Best Direction, Best Editing, and Best Music.  Travis production supervised and oversaw wardrobe and art on indie feature films like, “Mortuary Academy,” “Out of the Dark,” “Cyborg II: The Glass Shadow” (Angelina Jolie’s debut), “Four Day Shoot,” “The Force,” “The Soft Kill,” “Above The Rim,” “Teen Wolf 2”, and “House Party II.”  The Fall of the USSR presented Travis with the task of co-editing what became a critically hailed PBS documentary series, “After the Red Star: The Baltics, The Western Republics, The Caucasus, Russia, and Central Asia.” It received a local LA Emmy nomination. In addition, Travis produced “PNTV (Players Network Television),” a 6-month long shoot in Las Vegas, and she edited 35 original 30-minute gaming segments, and a one-hour channel variety show. The series featured guests: Paula Abdul, Will Smith, George Hamilton, Jamie Foxx, Sandra Bullock, Damon Wayans, and Queen Latifah. 


As an Editor, she cut the theatrical indie films, “Four Day Shoot,” “American Family,” director Sebastian Gutierrez’s "Swerve,” and "Karma Kula: Path of the Tiger," as well as several PBS and MTV mini-documentaries, for A&E’s Television series, “Biography,” she edited the episode on Denzel Washington.  She produced and edited "Presenting Short Film Television" for Bravo Channel, and oversaw wardrobe for CBS TV’s “Network Anniversary Special” with guests, Mary Tyler Moore, Christine Baranski, Fran Drescher, David Letterman, Ed Asner, and a dozen more.  And she edited “A David Foster Christmas Special”, and commercials for Pizza Hut, Konica, PBS, and Southern California Tourism Bureau.  As Producer/Editor, she created over 75 promotional featurettes for major studio movie release press junkets for “Entertainment Tonight,” providing film featurettes such as: “American Pie,” “An American Werewolf In Paris,” “Amistad,” “The Big Lebowski,” “City of Angels,” “A Civil Action,” “Dr. Dolittle,” “The Full Monty,” “G.I. Jane,” “Good Will Hunting,” “How Stella Got Her Groove Back,” “L.A. Confidential,” “Midnight In The Garden Of Good and Evil,” “The Mummy,” “The Rainmaker,” “Scream 2,” “Seven Years In Tibet,” “Starship Troopers,” “Tarzan,” “There’s Something About Mary,” “Titanic,” “The Truman Show,” “Wild, Wild West,” and “The Wings Of The Dove.” 


Travis served as the Art Department Coordinator for Disney Television’s popular weekly teen series, “Lizzie McGuire.”

Jana Mashonee

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                                       Jana Mashonee is a Native American singer, songwriter, actress, author, and philanthropist.                                           Originally from North Carolina, and of the Lumbee Tribe, she is a two-time GRAMMY nominee                                         and nine-time NAMMY winner. Her music is steeped in R&B and gospel roots, which introduced                                       her to the mainstream via her Top 40 charted crossover hits.  First signed to Curb Records, her                                       single, "Ooh, Baby, Baby," was picked as Billboard’s single of the week and went on to become a radio and sales success. "More Than Life" followed, selling over a million copies on its own as well as part of numerous compilation albums. A controversial version of Led Zeppelin’s epic "Stairway to Heaven," earned her the honor of being the first Native American to top the Billboard dance charts.  Exploring her cultural roots, Jana released “American Indian Story,” a concept album that garnered her a GRAMMY nomination.  Her music video for the single, “The Enlightened Time,” won awards at numerous film festivals around the world as well as a NAMMY Award for Best Short Form Video.  Music from the album is featured on the Discovery Channel series, “Flying Wild Alaska.”


Her first book, “American Indian Story: The Adventures of Sha’kona,” based on her GRAMMY-nominated album of the same title, was a fantasy-filled mystery adventure young adult novel about the uplifting story of young heroine, Sha’kona, and her journey of self-discovery and inner courage.   Jana continued to pay tribute to her heritage with “American Indian Christmas,” featuring ten classic Christmas songs sung in ten different Native American languages and accompanied by a full orchestra and traditional Native American instruments. A critical and commercial success, the album won her another NAMMY Award.  Her cover of the classic song went on to win her an eighth NAMMY Award for “Song of the Year,” with her video taking Best Music Video prizes at both the Indie Film Festival and at the American Indian Film Festival.


In December 2011, Jana performed an emotional and intimate concert at New York’s Carnegie Hall.  Her album, “New Moon Born,” took the artist in a brave new direction, steeped back in R&B, more rock, and deeper gospel roots, bringing her back to mainstream attention.  She performed a moving version of Sam Cooke's classic, "A Change Is Gonna Come," at the American Indian Inaugural Ball for President Barack Obama.  This was her second performance for a First Family, as a year earlier she sang at the First Lady's Luncheon for Laura Bush.  She’s toured all fifty states as well as overseas, throughout Europe, to sell-out crowds everywhere.  Jana is also an actress, having appeared in numerous films and TV programs.  In 2013, she starred as the only character in her first movie, “Raptor Ranch,” which debuted at the Israel Film Festival and was an indie success.  In 2015, it was released on HD-DVD, Redbox, and in 2018, released on all major streaming platforms under its new title, “The Dinosaur Experiment.”


Jana and filmmaker Chip Miller met in Santa Fe in 2012, when he directed an all-star indigenous concert, “Songcatchers: The Gathering” for PBS, where Jana was one of several name artists who performed.  The concert special currently airs through 2023 on FNX Channel and Public Television.  Inspired by Jana’s image and power onstage, Chip created an original concept and script for a content series, “Zhohi Shoon-Kah”, with Jana as his muse.  Inevitably the two began developing film and TV projects and collaborating together.  In 2019, they formed a writing partnership, The Mashonee-Miller Machine, and have a slate of diverse and female-driven film and content projects in development at Desert C.A.M. Studios.  Jana is also a Producer and Head of Development and Original Content at the studio, where the emphasis is on Indigenous stories and diversity-driven content. 

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Past Ground-Breaking Projects From Chip Miller & Allen Plone...

The content business is often a strange, unpredictable and frustrating venture. Too often, your best ideas, your best scripts and show concepts don't get made. We know how disappointing that can be. As good as we are, and we're pretty damn good, just check out our website,, to see the quality work we've done; the scripts and concepts in development, the impressive amount of quality content we've created. But we don't want to forget those great ideas and projects that somehow were not made, even though they deserved to be. Herein, we present the Desert C.A.M. Studios archived material. 

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                                        A biopic feature-length script on the first black US Marshall, who many believe is the                                                          inspiration for television’s “The Lone Ranger.” A collaboration with multiple Grammy winner,                                              Dom Flemons, founder of The Carolina Chocolate Drops, and who’s award-winning 2019                                                album, "Black Cowboys” served as inspiration to a script by Dom Flemons, Chip Miller, and                                          Allen Plone. Unlike the several version of the Bass Reeves story, who either misstated Bass'                                            exploits or sensationalized them, our story focuses on the historical facts of Bass’s life as well                                          as his exciting western exploits, beginning as a trusted enslaved man, who helped his master                                            during the Civil War, to his confrontation, and beating of that man when he tried to cheat Bass,                                          causing Bass to have to escape to Indian territory, where he hid for three years. The                                                          screenplay follows his rise to becoming one of the most feared and successful lawmen in the                                            country, arresting over 3,000 wanted criminals. The script was completed in 2020, and                                                      submitted to several companies.  

“The True Tale of Bass Reeves”


"Women of the World Who Won The Wild West"

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This multi-part historical docudrama series tells the story of  the women, many whose names are not known, between 18 and 65 years old, who were  instrumental in winning the wild west in the late 1700's to the early 1900's but are largely forgotten in our history books.  Women of all colors and races who chose to support and love the territories west of the Missouri and worked side by side with              the men, to build a new country. These are the stories of the Asian women who helped build the railroads. Their stories are told through a novel documentary style that includes animation as well as the use of dramatic recreations, reenactments, historical narration, and period-correct music. These fascinating tales are largely unknown, yet are critical to how the West became a part of the United States. These are the true stories of African American, Hispanic, Asian and European women, who all made enormous contributions to the advancement and culture of our West, building towns, establishing charities, creating schools, developing churches, and often performing dangerous jobs such as delivering the mail by stagecoach, and laying rail track. They were real estate magnates, writers, chefs, teachers, and trailblazers. Series and pitch deck created by Chip Miller and Allen Plone. Producers are: Shari Belafonte, indigenous pop star, Jana Mashonee.  The series concept was first presented in 2022, as a companion to the series, "Nobody Wrote It Down."

“Young Bill Pickett”

                                      This important documentary is the story about a determined black man, who                                          like Jackie Robinson, who broke the color barrier in Baseball, Bill Pickett broke                                          the color barrier in the uniquely American sport of Rodeo, changing the sport                                          forever with his unique Bull Wrestling style and showmanship. Bill Pickett, the                                          son of a Black father and a half-Cherokee mother, was the first black man to                                            be elected into the Rodeo Hall of Fame, and the first black man to be chosen                                            for entrance into the Cowboy Hall of Fame. His life was filled with dramatic                                              events and accomplishments, that are still celebrated today with the world-                                            touring Bill Pickett Rodeo. Bill traveled show to show with his pal, Will Rogers,                                          performed for the Queen of England and starred in two historically important                                          Black films. His final accomplishment in death was having the US Postal Service release a postage stamp with his portrait. The story of Pickett's early life and career was written by Chip Miller and Allen Plone. GRAMMY winner recording artist  Dom Flemons, 2019 pioneer album, “Black Cowboys” features an original song about Pickett and inspired the documentary. Flemons will produce the music soundtrack with Darryl Jones of The Rolling Stones. The original story, concept and script was written in 2017. 

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Creators of Award-Winning Television, Feature Films, Music Videos, Documentaries, PSA’s & Commercials

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films." His poetry films won several awards and his series on Seniors and Loneliness, won National acclaim.  


Holding a BA in English Literature and a Masters in Comparative Literature, from San Francisco State University; and a PhD on the History of Consciousness, from The University of California, Santa Cruz: Allen has held teaching positions as an Assistant Professor of Literature at San Jose State University, and as an Associate Professor in Kresge College at the University of California, Santa Cruz.  Before Allen turned his focus and talents to a creative career in film and television, he honed his skills as a director by helming numerous stage plays, where he learned to work closely with actors, which in turn, benefited his writing and his original plays, and eventually his writing for the big and little screens.  Theater critics praised his stage productions and his unique directorial style.  In a short time, he tackled a series of classic and complex plays, directing Edward Albee’s “Zoo Story,” “The Cage,” and “The Father”; Eugene O’Neill’s “The Hairy Ape”; and Bertolt Brecht’s, “Baal,” as well as several other notable live productions.


Allen is also behind the amazing success of the award-winning, top-selling live TV concert special and follow-up DVD, “Earth, Wind & Fire: 2000 - The Millennium Concert” which Allen directed on location in Japan.  He also edited, working closely with legendary group leader, the late Maurice White.  The Platinum-winning record and concert is still selling today on all major worldwide streaming platforms.  As a screenwriter, Allen created and scripted six theatrical films to his credit: “Sweet Justice,” “Phantom of the Ritz,” “Night Screams,” “When,” “East/West Blues,” and “Muddy Puddles.”  He directed three of these indies: “Sweet Justice,” “Phantom of the Ritz,” and “Night Screams.”


Allen was also the Media Manager for various governmental information campaigns in California, as well as nationally. He wrote and directed promotional films for the United States Post office aimed at commercial customers, his most noted, the film called, “Zip Code Detective," featuring “Battestar Galactica” star Terry Carter, and TV actress Mariette Hartley.  In addition, Plone directed the first groundbreaking commercials for Casino Morongo, one of the Coachella Valley’s largest casino and resorts, and helmed numerous popular gaming videos.


Allen’s television work includes writing and directing the hour-long documentary, “America’s Rifle: The Garand,” which won several awards as Best Documentary; and for PBS, “Crocker’s Dream” and “For the Common Good.”  His children’s programs include the six-part one hour children’s series, “Danni’s Tales,” “Firefly’s Fantastik Fables,” and “Three Sillies Episode,” as well as PBS’s “Simple Machines,” for The Disney Channel.  Plone also wrote the teleplays and helmed the popular six-episode children’s series, “Wow!”  


In addition, Allen has directed, produced, and edited music videos for jazz greats like McCoy Tyner, Bobby “Blue” Bland, Bobby Hutcherson, Sun Ra, and Sonny Stitt.   As a commercial director, Allen’s series of commercials for the California Department of Forestry won a Clio as the Best Campaign in its field. He has also directed more than 350 commercials, writing many of them, and has won an impressive list of advertising awards and honors, including a Clio for his series of commercials for the California Department of Forestry, which he both wrote and directed. 


His published short stories have appeared in “Rosebud,” “Response,” “West Coast Review” and other prestigious publications. His short story, “Cowboy of My Heart” won Best Short Story of the Year from a top Literary group.  His original poetry has appeared in numerous journals, including, “Sea Letter,” “Burning Word,” “On Love,” “BTS,” “Light Journal,” “Word Keepers,” “Celidah,” “Driftwood,” and the anthology collection, “Put into Words, My Love.”  His three published poetry collections are: “Have We Met?” “More Than Song,” and “Caravan” as well as a chapbook, “Family Matters.”  Allen has three illustrated children’s books in publication: “As I Sit in My Garden,” “Ned Smiles,” and “Music Fairies.”  His book, “God’s Words: Bible Verses for a Loving Spiritual Life,” is the second in his writings about spirituality.  Allen’s newest book, “The Baron,” about his rescue dog, Rufus, was published in 2021.

As a lyricist, Allen's mastery of the English language and light touch with verse, helped him make the transition to song lyrics when he wrote thirty-six original pieces featured in the hit streaming series for Amazon Prime, "Danni's Tales."

Allen brings his creative entrepreneurialism and major contributions to the mission goals of Desert C.A.M. Studios. 


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